ELECTRONICS R&D Engineer Eindhoven, Olandijoje

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• Designing and testing of Electrical connections, both analog and digital.
• Do and guide the measurements. (EMC-measurements);
• Keep track of the newest developments regarding Electronics and measurements techniques.
• Keep in contact with colleagues of other (foreign) locations.
• Knowledge of High end amplifiers, signal routing and ADC connectors.
• Design Simulation using PSPice or simular software market (Matlas, Simulink)
• Knowledge of high speed serial bus connectors, in special: CAN and I²C



• A bachelor and/or master degree in Electronics • Proveable experience in the design of complex and high-end quality electrical connections • Knowledge of High speed digital signal integrity techniques. • Understanding of RF apllyment techniques • Knowledge of magnetical resonance or coildesign. • You’re a good teamworker with an enthoustiastic mind.



A good knowledge of the English language (German is a plus).