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What kind of payment in Netherlands should I expect

The majority of people leave for Netherlands to make money therefore what matters most is the payment in Netherlands.
How much money you make depends on the sector you work in, your qualification and the number of hours you work. However it may not be less than a fixed minimum gross wage which is 1335 EUR per month.

For unskilled position, of people that go to work in Netherlands make between 800 and 1200 EUR per month. This is the remuneration for 40 weekly hours of work. After paying rent, insurance and taxes but does not include living expenses. Skilled workers depending on their profession get paid between 1000 and 2000 EUR per month. After rent, insurance and taxes but before living expenses. Some workers have, apart from their salary their transportation expenses covered.

In addition to salary you also get holiday benefits. Each hour of work contributes to the holiday benefits. Depending on the employment agency the holiday benefit may be paid for every vacation you take or twice per year. Usually in June and December.

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How do you get paid in Netherlands?

Our partners in Netherlands pay for the hours worked. Depending on the employment agency you get paid weekly, once in two weeks or once in four weeks. Your salary after deducting rent, insurance and taxes is transferred to a Dutch or foreign bank account indicated upon your arrival in Netherlands.

To open a bank account in a Dutch bank you must submit your:

BSN Number
residence address
working agreement with the Dutch employing agency

It may take you from three to four weeks to open a Dutch bank account.

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Why do young people get paid less?

According to the Dutch law the payment in Netherlands for young people until 23 years old may be less. This is done to decrease the youth unemployment. The younger the employee the less money he gets paid per hour.

Depending on the age and the sector you work in the monthly salary of younger employees ranges between 600 and 900 EUR. This is the salary after rent, insurance and taxes is deducted.

As the payment in Netherlands and payment conditions depend on the Dutch employment agency this is duscussed in detail during the interview with your consultant.

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