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What kind of work in Germany 2018 can you expect? The German recruitment market is changing fast. While in the past it was common for German skilled work force to work in other regions in the country or even in the Netherlands and Switzerland, in 2016 the need for skilled workforce in Germany is increasing rapidly.

Our partners (German employment agencies) are looking for different specialists in different sectors and so you will see many different vacancies appearing in our job offer section of our website for work in Germany 2018.

Every person, who is recruited by us, signs a working contract with our German partner. It means that you pay German taxes and get full social security for the period of work.

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Different sectors, different specialists, different seasons

The German industry has a big need for qualified CNC-operators/programmers (Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens etc.), mechanics, electricians, welders (electrode, MIG/MAG, TIG). These jobs are not depending on seasons and skilled workers can work on a long term basis for the same company.

Despite certain limitations for the temporary workers at the construction sites, construction electricians, carpenters, plumbers etc. are needed. In order to work as a full featured specialist, often German recognition of diplomas (“Anerkennung”) should be done. We often advise to start working career in Germany as a helper, see, if this is the country you plan to stay longer, and then invest your time and money to recognition of diplomas. Our clients are open for this as well.

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For work in Germany 2018 there are as well during the whole year jobs available in the care sector. From taking care of elderly people (no recognition of diplomas needed) to nurses and doctors that work in hospitals. Register for free on our website and receive the latest offers in Germany.

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