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Travel to Germany by minibus

In order to ensure a trouble free and smooth trip to Germany we work together with a transport company that is in charge of people that prefer to travel to Germany by minibus.

Traveling by minibus is convenient because your arrival is at the intended destination (right at your living address / hotel) and there are no strict regulations for your luggage size and weight. All you have to do is book a seat on the minibus a couple of days before the departure of your trip.

The trip to Germany costs between 80 and 120 EUR (depending on your destination within Germany and the country you are traveling from). The minibus company will inform you before your departure on the price of your travel.

To book a seat on the minibus please contact us.

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Travel by car to Germany

Our partners are open for people to come with their own cars to Germany and most even prefer this, because own car is the most convenient means to of transportation to go from their work to their accommodation.

In case you use your car for work, i.e. come to and from work, give a lift to other employees, the transport expenses will be covered by the agency. The size of the compensation varies, but it is in the range of 0.19 Euro/km one way.

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Travel by plane to Germany

Traveling by plane we recommend only those, who used to live and work abroad and will easily find his way to the end location. Our partners are located in different Geographical regions in Germany (and are located in many cases hundreds of kilometers away from the airport) and it will be difficult to organize transport from the airport to your accommodation.

Making use of local transport such a trains and buses would make your total traveling time and expenses (please note that local transport in Germany is relatively expensive compared to other countries in Europe) go up.

If you are planning to travel to Germany by plane there are different air carriers that organize direct flights from different EU-countries to different destinations in Germany:

  1. Low-budget air carrier Wizzair offers direct flights from many European airports to Dortmund for around 25 Euro.
  2. Low-budget air carrier Ryanair offers direct flights from many European airports to Bremen for approximately 25 Euro
  3. German Air carrier Lufthansa offers direct flights from different European airports to Frankfurt from 52 Euro up to approximately 125 Euro.

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