Payment in Germany

Different salaries for skilled and unskilled jobs

The majority of employees that leave to Germany are skilled workers that have experience in specific areas. Their salary depends on the sector they work in, their qualification and the number of hours they work. However it may not be less than a fixed minimum wage that applies in each sector. Depending on their profession their payment in Germany is between 900 and 1600 EUR per month after rent, insurance and taxes.

For unskilled positions, employees recruited by us make between 800 and 1200 EUR per month in Germany. This is based on an average of 40 working hours per week after paying rent, insurance and taxes.In addition to salary workers will get also holiday benefits. These benefits are estimated hourly: every working hour contributes to the total holiday payment. The longer you work, the more holiday money is added to each hour you work (for example, in your first contract year you receive a total of 24 holiday days, in the second year 25 holiday days etc.)

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What kind of payment in Germany should I expect?

German employment agencies pay their workers one time per month. The salary after deduction of taxes, insurance and rent (in case the employment agency takes care of accommodation) is transferred to the German or your foreign bank account indicated upon your arrival in Germany. A standard working week under a temporary working contact is 37,50 working hours. When a temporary worker makes more than 37,5 hours in a week, these hours will appear to their “time account” (Germ. Zeitkonto).

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Zeitkonto (time account)

The “Zeitkonto” can be seen similar to for example a saving account at a bank. After each month the temporary agency calculates how many overtime hours a worker made. These hours are added to their account. If during an upcoming month a person works less than an average of 37,5 hours per week, the difference will be paid from their account. If a person would like to take a longer holiday his holiday will be as well compensated from the hours that are saved on the account. By default there should be 150 hours accumulated in order to get paid for overtime right away. Though certain clients set lower limits. When a person is stopping, for all accumulated hours money is paid. So to calculate the payment in Germany different factors should be taken into account.

Payment in Germany Payment in Germany

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