Accommodation in Germany

Accommodation in Germany depending on agency

How will the accommodation in Germany be organized? After your arrival it will be rather difficult, being in a different environment, to organize own cost efficient accommodation. Therefore we work with employment agencies that offer accommodation for employees or organize accommodation for you.

In most of the cases employees are accommodated in private houses, dormitories or apartments. Most housing offered is fully equipped with furniture and main household appliances. If this is not the case, this will be clearly communicated to you. The number of people accommodated in one room varies from one to four, though in most of the cases people stay with two in a room. In some agencies the rent rental price depends on the amount of people that are sleeping in one room.

Our partners try to accommodate workers as close to the workplace as possible to that they could reach their work by walking or cycling. This is not always possible or affordable, so if you come to Germany by own car would give you additional flexibility in choosing your accommodation.

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Rent prices

Depending on the agency, geographical location in Germany and the job you are performing the monthly rent fees range between 50 and 300 EUR. Utilities are included in the price. The rent price strongly depends on the area where the accommodation is located in the country. In the north Eastern part of Germany (close to cities such as Berlin or Dresden) rental prices are lower than in the southern part of Germany (Munich).

For employees it is always possible to organize accommodation in Germany by themselves. This has a privilege for most of our German partners with the condition that the accommodation is nearby the working place. In case you will organize the accommodation by yourself, you will have to inform the agency about this in advance, so that previous rental contracts can be closed.

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Accommodation rules

As the accommodation in Germany provided by our partners will be your second home you will have to take good care of it. And remember there are more people living in the same house. In order to keep the living environment in a pleasant condition our partners set rules for using it. Residents must keep the accommodation clean, save on electricity and water and not make noise and disturb their neighbors.

Accommodation in Germany Accommodation in Germany

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