Spray painters of excavators

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Job description

We are looking for spray painters who will be responsible for painting in a safe way excavators or parts of excavators according the standard quality and technical instructions with respect to the environment. On this position you will have to prepare painting, prepare parts, prepare painting booth and paint equipment, control all painting activities as required for the job such as electrostatic paint process and paint process with pump and cup system, keep safety and environment regulations, keep program of daily maintenance such as cleaning of paint equipment, painting boots, general tools and areas. The best if it's Portuguese candidate.


Knowledge is required of
*Control all painting activities as required for the job such as electrostatic paint process, painting process with pump and cup system (primer and final layer).
*Can judge and control if the parts are correctly prepared before painting. Such as degreasing sanding etc.
*Can judge and control the specification of the paint quality.
*How to use measurement equipment for thickness of the layer.
*How to operate an excavator in a safe way.
*Capacity for planning the activities such as arrangement for the job, planning of daily maintenance according the program and how to handle with waste and the environment.
*How to read and understand work instructions and the production plan according the C-plan.
*Interpation of risks during the job.
*Regulations in general.
*Quality procedures according the ISO 9001 standard.


English is a must.

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