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Weert, Netherlands
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Job description

Our partners, independent family company with a long tradition in export and processing of eggs is looking for new employees.Company supple eggs and egg products to industrial bakeries, distillers, potato processing industry, meat industry, ice cream industry and producers of salads, dressings and sauces . Your main job will be:
- to put eggs into the boxes
- put correct stickers
- prepare products for shipping
You should be also ready to do different kind of production jobs. It's a long term job offer. Company is working in 2 shifts schedule, you should be prepared to work 9 - 9,5 hours per day. It's normal working temperature.


If you want to apply to this position you need:
- to have experience working in factory
- to be ready to do production jobs
- to be ready to work in two shifts schedule
- to not have health problems.


Good English is must.

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